New Video: Nidhi Van & Samadhi of Swami Haridas

This is the last video on Braj Dham Yatra with Swami Mukundananda. In this short video, Swamiji takes all to Nidhi Van of Vrindavan. This is the place where Shree Radha Krishna used to perform various night-time leelas.
Swamiji also takes all to the samadhi sthal of Swami Haridas, who was the descension of Lalita Sakhi.
Swami Mukundananda conducted a 5-day retreat in India from April 1st to 5th, 2013. The retreat that began from Rangeeli Mahal Basana, UP ended at Bhakti Dham, Mangarh, UP. It was a complete package retreat for a spiritual aspirant, as it took them from Braj Dham to Guru Dham in one shot. We will be showcasing the entire retreat in a series, beginning with the “Braj Dham Yatra”.

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